Highlight escape routes during power failures and fires

If you've ever been plunged into darkness by a power cut at night you will know how disconcerting total darkness is, especially if you were in unfamiliar surroundings at the time. A loss of lighting resulting from a fire is nothing short of terrifying, and in such circumstances emergency lighting and fire signage play a crucial role ensuring the safety of staff and customers.

Emergency lighting systems, whether installed in a hotel, shop, factory or office, will help to keep employees and customers calm during a power outage, and will save lives in the event of a fire. Evacuation times are much improved in buildings with emergency lighting and fire signage.

In compliance with BS5266-1, Border Safeguard design, install and maintain an extensive array of emergency lighting systems, and we can also provide professional advice with regards the best placement of fire signage.

We would be happy to provide you with free, no obligation quote for your business, all you need do is contact us for a chat. We work throughout the Borders, Northumberland, the Lothians and Edinburgh and would be happy to meet for a consultation.

  We are most definitely satisfied with the EMS wireless Fire Detection System we had installed by Border Safeguard Ltd. Many thanks for a job well done.  
Mr J Douglas, National Trust Scotland