Help secure your staff, premises and assets

Door access controls give business owners the ability to control access to commercial premises. Using electronic key cards, access control is not just limited to the entrance of the building, but to specific rooms, entire floors or even larger areas within a property.

Door access cards can be programmed to give specific people access to set areas at particular times. Without the need for constant monitoring, such a system ensures that certain areas of a business are kept private, whilst allowing staff members to move about securely. If different clearance levels are required, cards can be programmed to allow some users access to all areas of a property, whilst limiting other staff to more general locations.

Ultimately, the security, flexibility and convenience of door access control systems simply cannot be matched by traditional keys (and should you lose a key card, it's much easier to update the system and issue a new key card, rather than physically having to change all the locks).

Another advantage over traditional keys, is the fact that doors remain locked at all times, only opening when someone presents a key card, so there's no need to leave any doors unlocked during working hours.

If you would like to make your commercial premises more secure, reduce the risk of theft and vandalism, one of our door access control units could be the solution. We design, install and maintain access control systems and intercom door entry systems for businesses of all sizes and types. If your business is located in the Borders, Lothians (including Edinburgh) or Northumberland and you'd like a free, no obligation quote all you need do us contact us.

  We have used Border Safeguard Ltd, across the whole group for many, many years and have always found them to be very competitive, professional and reliable. They always use state of the art systems and the after sales, continued support and back up is second to none. Over the years they have become a great business partner and would highly recommend them.  
Mr A McLean, Border Motor Group, St Boswells