How to protect staff and visitors in your premises

In certain circumstances it is necessary to protect employees, residents or visitors to your premises from potential threats and violent acts. Border Safeguard specialise in arranging protective procedures and systems that can be tailored to a broad range of organisations.

Every day people work in environments where there may be a threat. Most people would think that prisons would be the only environment in need of such staff protection. Unfortunately in this day and age, there has been an increase in the number of care homes, schools and hospitals requesting the installation of systems to protect employees from harm, and even leisure centres and function centres now frequently feature protective systems.

So how can Border Safeguard help? We can provide the most up to date guidance with regard to dealing with potential threats, planning procedures to enact when something goes wrong, as well as installing hardware to mitigate against risk.

Announcement systems can be installed to alert employees, visitors or residents to a threat, or the best course of action to take. On call systems and disabled toilet alarms allow the elderly and disabled to request assistance from carers or nurses should they have an accident.

Ultimately, there are a whole range of procedures and systems that Border Safeguard would be happy to provide advice for. So if you think that your business could benefit from a life safety system please give us a call. We have installed these systems for a range of different businesses in the Borders, Northumberland, the Lothians and Edinburgh, and would be more than happy to provide a free, no obligation quote.

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Mr G Brown, GB Technologies Ltd, Galashiels